Thursday, February 25, 2010

Newt opens his stupid trap

Hey Newt Gingrich, you washed-up idiot, nobody cares what you think.

But since it's so funny to see the little fascist make a fool of himself, I'm going to regale you with what he said about the Obama administration's health care reform efforts.

Gingrich now says that Obama is a dictator because he believes in majority rule. N00t says "the United States is not going to tolerate" political leaders who apply "majoritarian rule" in the Senate instead of letting a party that's not even in the majority dictate policy.

So Newt thinks someone is a dictator if he uses majority rule to improve the people's lives and give them more freedom?

Now go away, Newt. We've gotten our amusement out of this freak for now, so now he needs to fuck off like the single-digit approval rating crybaby he is.


  1. How's the government controlling everything give anyone more freedom?

  2. Look, if government controls everything, we can ensure freedom is evenly distributed to everyone.

  3. We don't have any freedom in the current health care system, so what's the big loss if the Obama plan passes?

  4. I have no complaints about the insurance I get through my job. On the other hand, the Obama plan would be very expensive and the debt is already too high. Incremental reforms would be better right now. Obama is taking on too much, too fast and showing his inexperience.

  5. You may have no complaints about your insurance...but I have complaints about mine.

    If you don't like the Obama plan, support single payer...

  6. "Single payer," aka complete government take over, is absolutely out of the question.