Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wal-Mart trains teens on taxpayers' dime

The melding of Big Business and America's education system may be complete.

The Detroit public school system is now getting together with Wal-Mart to train the city's high school students to work for the embattled union-busting retail giant.

Students get school credits for this program and for working at Wal-Mart, but what the program really does is train them to be docile workers. The Wal-Mart empire is being built on the backs of people from poor inner cities, as the students are transported from Detroit to Wal-Mart's suburban locations.

I guess financially secure folks in the suburbs don't want Wal-Mart jobs, so Wal-Mart expects less affluent people from the cities to be exploited instead.

In fact, one local activist objected to this program because it will "train students to be subservient workers."

But school officials remain undeterred (or unswayed by sense). They boast that the Wal-Mart program will expose urban teens to suburban culture. Of course, all it'll teach them is that the outer suburbs are a burgeoning disaster.

Still, it's chilling to know that Wal-Mart has now found a way to train people to work for its corporate monolith on the taxpayers' dime.

Corporate America doesn't care about students (especially the poor and working class) as people. The global greed merchants see students as dollar signs - machines to be exploited into adulthood.


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