Thursday, February 4, 2010

The wheels do move!

You may notice that I don't post as many entries here as I did a year ago. There are several reasons.

For one, the Bush regime was so right-wing that the bar kept getting set higher and higher for me to even comment on a story.

For another, work on my next book has been taking up more of my time.

For yet another, I don't think this type of blog is as effective as it was then. It's a cyclical thing. It'll probably change.

But don't fret because you think I'm not doing enough. I'm also busy fighting the other side on what they think is their own turf. The wheels do move, and they'll continue to, as long as it's within my power.

Trust me on that. I'm not being lazy.

If we all work together, we WILL defeat the Evil Empire in the end. I've been encouraged by the past couple years, and I just wish I had this much encouragement over the preceding 20 years.

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