Friday, February 5, 2010

Title IX makes a comeback after Bush neglected it

Until now, we've been disappointed with Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. But at least there's one field in which he's made some progress over the Bush regime's neglect of basic law.

Under Holder, the Justice Department is quite rightly intervening on behalf of students victimized by school harassment - invoking Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 when applicable. This is the first time the Justice Department has used Title IX in this fashion since 2000.

Why has it been so long since Title IX has been used? Because Bush's appointees shoved Title IX aside for 8 years. It was as if Title IX had never passed.

But why??? Honestly, who really knows? The Bush regime always arrogantly shoved aside laws it disagreed with. They probably considered Title IX part of a plot to interfere with their agenda for world domination.

The Bush regime's attitude reminds me of when there was some district prosecutor some years back who wouldn't prosecute a racial incident, despite what the laws said.

Thankfully, Bush is out of office now and in disgrace.

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