Sunday, February 7, 2010

Article exposes anti-ACORN hoaxster's racist ties

Lest you haven't seen this yet, there's an interesting article in Salon about the racist links of James O'Keefe - the "filmmaker" who made the ACORN "sting" video and was later arrested for spying on Mary Landrieu's office:

O'Keefe attended a racist conference several years ago that distributed white supremacist literature.

This isn't an unproven allegation. O'Keefe was actually photographed at the event, so there's no point trying to deny it. I try to be careful not to outright accuse people of racist links unless there's lots of evidence. In this case, however, there's solid proof.

A university roommate once reported that O'Keefe kept using a racial slur, which prompted the school to kick O'Keefe out of the dorm. However, O'Keefe says the accusation is a lie. (And I'm not the person making the allegation.)

Of course, right-wingers are acting shocked over O'Keefe's bugging of a senator's office - after some of these same right-wingers cheered him all along.

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