Thursday, February 25, 2010

Programmies sue!

I learned last night that a certain youth confinement program is suing the owners of a website for exposing the abuse that goes on there.

A few points are in order...

The truth is an absolute defense in a defamation suit. As long as what the website says is true, the programmies have no case.

Another point is that this is a SLAPP suit. The suit is designed to suppress criticism - not to remedy a legitimate grievance.

The suit is an attempt at censorship. Not only is it designed to bully websites, bit it also attempts to make government complicit in this censorship by trying to win a ruling forcing the website to be taken down.

And it's abuse of process.

The programmies filed the case in a Utah court, probably because they know Utah mollycoddles abusive programs (even more so than Kentucky does, if you can believe that). Even so, the truth is what it is, and suing to suppress it doesn't change the facts.

It's a frivolous suit, and the judge ought to come down hard on the program for filing it.

But I also believe youth confinement programs should be outlawed altogether.


  1. I don't know what programmies are.

  2. Go deprogrammy yourself, Whisk.

  3. This is a real case and a real story. Don't ask how I know. I can't say. But, it is all true. And, Utah sucks!