Friday, February 5, 2010

Lawmaker accused of (gasp!) calling colleague a "dick"

The buffoon pictured here is Kentucky's right-wing senate president David Williams. And he's above all criticism.

Last week, Democratic State Sen. Robin Webb met at her office with GOP opponent Dr. Jack Ditty and Kentucky Medical Association rep Dr. Henry Goodman. Goodman secretly videotaped the meeting - without Webb's permission.

Just like a phony "sting" against ACORN, huh?

Another legislator said Ditty and Goodman hoped to catch Webb picking her nose so they could use the footage in a campaign ad against her.

Of course, the Republicans are trying to portray themselves as the victims. Now they're claiming that the secret videotape includes Webb saying David Williams is a "dick."

Heaven forfend!!!

Actually, Webb said Williams is a "dictator." Which is true, of course.

Nonetheless, Republicans are now talking about FILING CHARGES against Webb for insulting Williams in a private conversation - which wasn't even supposed to be videotaped anyway!

What a bunch of BABIES!!!


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