Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bank accused of overdraft scam

If corporations want rights like people, they should be sued like people too.

Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank is now the target of a federal class-action suit by a Georgia woman who accuses it of illegal overdraft policies.

The lawsuit claims Fifth Third processes transactions in order from largest to smallest - instead of in the order customers make these transactions, like they're supposed. The suit also says Fifth Third does this just so each of the smaller transactions incurs an overdraft fee. According to the suit, if the transactions were cleared in the right order, the customers wouldn't have had any overdrafts.

If the bank is indeed doing this, it's a scam.

And it's illegal under federal and Georgia law - as well as the customer contract.

But banks all over America pull this scam.

And people call me crazy for laughing when a teacher in grade school got mad because of kids pooping on the toilet seat.

(Source: http://www.kypost.com/content/wcposhared/story/Lawsuit-Alleges-Unfair-Overdraft-Practices-By/V42vJ4oWhEyEku2KNO4a_g.cspx)

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