Sunday, February 14, 2010

Stinking is funny

Stinking is funny.

Stinking at Wal-Mart is even funnier!

This is the type of story that should be in The Last Word (as an ish looms in the very near future), but because it involves something as hated as Wal-Mart, there's a space for it here at the 'Pail.

In Washington state, a Wal-Mart store had to be evacuated last Sunday because a 51-year-old man stinked it all up.

The man released something called Super Fart Spray about the store.

He told authorities that he did it because it was funny.

Now he's been banned from Wal-Mart. When your punishment is to be banned from Wal-Mart, is it really even a punishment? I'd consider that a reward!

Because Wal-Marts often smell like a giant bunker blast anyway, I'm surprised anyone even noticed a customer stinking it up.


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