Thursday, February 25, 2010

License to kill

In Ohio, it's illegal to set off a firecracker or have a backyard satellite dish. But if you're an employee of a "treatment" center for teens, you get a license to kill.

Of course, Ohio is the home of the corrupt ODADAS (which refuses to revoke the licenses of abusive programs), so what else can we expect?

This month, 3 guards at a teen confinement program in Ohio were acquitted for killing a 17-year-old girl while restraining her. After the women tackled the girl and restrained her face-down, the girl suffocated and choked on her own vomit.

They didn't know that multiple people tackling someone and shoving her face-down for a prolonged timeframe would kill her? How stupid can you get?

Another death at the hands of those who seem to have a license to kill has gone unpunished.

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