Friday, February 5, 2010

Even the fire marshal isn't safe from drug war fascism

How out of control is that massive flop known as the War on Drugs?

The fire marshal of the town of Lowell, Arkansas, may have found out the hard way.

Recently, he purchased over-the-counter pseudoephedrine cold or allergy medicine for his family. But police say he exceeded the state's limit of 9 grams and promptly issued a warrant for his arrest.

The fire marshal was arrested for buying over 9 grams of a drug that's perfectly legal? All it took was 9 grams???

I don't know the fire marshal, but locals say he's an upstanding, hard-working guy. They simply cannot believe that the drug warriors would arrest him over something like this.

How stupid can the system be to arrest the fire marshal for buying cold medicine?

This is the same system that flags customers for buying too much pseudoephedrine if they buy Tylenol and Nyquil at the same time.

How stupid!


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  1. What's more is, the purchases were weeks apart