Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 27 of POOP

You thought I'd give up humiliating Google after 27 weeks, didn't you?

Well, I've got news for those who think I'm backing down: This feature continues until Google fixes its broken post removal tool and lets people remove posts that were forged in their name. I don't give up - especially after being emboldened by our success in getting Pathway Family Center shut down.

Now we have to ask ourselves exactly WHY Google is so insistent on not fixing a feature they know is broken, after this feature worked for 5 years or so.

There's been some speculation that lawyers advised Google to abolish this feature. The supposed reasoning for this is that if Google lets people delete some posts, Google could be held liable for posts that remain because nobody caught them.

But if nobody caught them, how does anyone know to hold Google liable for them?

If Google's lawyers really think this is valid reasoning, they must have gone to the same matchbook law school that Bush's judicial appointees did.

Google's arrogance in not even responding to the many people who have complained about the loss of this feature is astounding. It reminds me of my high school when I mailed it a bill for the money it stole.


  1. Why are you using a Google site to host your blog and running Google's ads if you have such a problem with Google?

  2. because your face fell on it