Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week 26 of POOP

POOP isn't just about protecting our own privacy and stopping Google from claiming people's Internet postings as their intellectual property.

It's also about forcing Google to cease its practice of reposting fraudulent posts.

Some years back, a user of an Australian ISP posted a racist rant under one of my old e-mail addresses. This was in retaliation for me criticizing a world leader who this user supported.

This user's post was disgusting, and I immediately wanted no part of it whatsoever. I oppose all forms of racism. But because of the technology of my ISP at the time, I was unable to delete this posting.

Sometime around last year, that post began appearing at the very top of the list if you searched for posts under my old address. There were hundreds of real posts under that address - yet a racist forgery appeared at the top of the list.

That right there is solid proof that somebody manipulated the results in an effort to harm my reputation.

To combat this fascism, I posted a nondescript message denouncing racism and signed it with my old e-mail address, so it would appear on top of the list. This worked for a while, but then the fraudulent post knocked it back to #2, because of others' manipulation of the results.

So I posted the anti-racist post again. This worked - until some Hitler deleted this copy of my post from Google's archive by abusing the "report spam" feature.

So I posted it again. As far as I know, this has worked so far, but I don't expect this to last.

I suspect that the person manipulating the results is somebody in local government. Trust me on that. I've gone around in circles with corrupt local government for years, and I know they will do anything they can to destroy me. If it's not someone in government, it's probably somebody from the teen confinement industry - a racket known for bullying critics and Internet companies that host them.


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