Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Climate change deniers debunked again by blizzard

It's another record!

No, I don't mean the Scott Brown kind of record.

In Cincinnati, yesterday's blizzard set at least 3 all-time records, in fact. It broke the record for total amount of February snowfall. It also shattered the record for that particular date - February 15. And it kablammoed the record for ANY 10-day period.

I think this ought to put the kibosh on those who insist climate change is a hoax by "libs", huh? But you know it won't. Although the assorted weather records set just in the past few years show the climate is changing, they claim this is "proof" it hasn't changed. They say it every time.

You read that right: The denial cultists say climate change is fake because the climate changed. There's no point trying to get through their thick skulls.

In the meantime, I've added 3 photos to my road picture site showing the severity of last night's blizzard:



  1. The original "science" the alarmists used to explain why we should panic claimed a "greenhouse" effect would warm the earth and melt the ice caps. No one sees that is happening, so they've changed it from "global warming" to "climate change", which they use as blanket blame any time it's not sunny and mild.

  2. Then why are the ice caps melting, "Hal Gore" idiot??

  3. Ice melts when the temperture rises above the freezing point. Can you explain scientifically how a theoretical phenomenon that causes the ice caps to melt also causes 3 snow storms in a week in Ohio, like Mr. Bandit claims?

  4. Since you're such an expert HG why don't you explain how you think the scientific consensus is wrong.

  5. Scientific consensus? Scientists never agree on anything!

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