Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nuclear America!

We all know we can't drill our way out of the energy crisis. But we can't nuke our way out of it either.

But with a whole generation of schoolchildren out there that can't remember Chernobyl or Three Mile Island, I guess the Democrats now think it's safe to adopt the Republicans' failed policies supporting nuclear power.

Nuclear is perhaps the most dangerous, costly, and inefficient form of energy. That doesn't deter the government from financing the first new nuclear reactors in over 30 years.

Talk about lessons not learned.

President Obama isn't entirely to blame. Much of the administration's newfound interest in nuclear was influenced by none other than John McCain - who absurdly said nuclear power is "green energy." And giving a bailout to the reactors is authorized by a 2005 law passed by a rogue Republican Congress and signed by Bush.

We must reduce foreign energy dependence, but the future is in biofuel and other real green forms of power - not nuclear. Even in our inner cities, we can find ways to grow plants that give us fuel - much as farmers grow food.

It's also a shame that the failed War on Drugs has made us reluctant to admit that hemp is fuel. If we let farmers grow hemp, that would solve a good proportion of our energy woes.

Instead of nuclear America, why not green America?

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