Friday, February 19, 2010

Kentucky stands tall against Bush mandate!

When I stopped by the motor vehicle department today during my Peace Bike outing, I made a discovery that I'm pleased as punch to announce.

In the back of my mind, I was deeply worried about renewing my license. Although I was not aware of any changes in Kentucky law to bring the state into compliance with Bush's fascist Real ID program, I never heard of the Bluegrass State passing any law to fight it either.

Real ID requires several additional forms of identification just for folks to renew a license or ID. I brang none of these extra identifiers along today, because I had no desire to submit to Bush's scumbaggery.

That turned out not to be a problem. The clerk renewed my card without asking for additional ID's. There was no indication that Real ID has arrived in Kentucky.

Of course, that doesn't solve the problem of the infringing barcode. After my last renewal - in 2006 - I stuck an "I VOTED" sticker over the barcode on my license. After my 2002 renewal - which was the first featuring the barcode - I burned a corner of my license that had part of the barcode.

As for Real ID, however, Kentucky seems to be openly challenging Bush's unfunded fascist mandate. This is particularly satisfying, because the previous governor, right-winger Ernie Fletcher, was more or less a Bluegrass Bush.

Thank you, Kentucky, for proving you can still think for yourself - instead of toeing the party line.

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