Saturday, February 27, 2010

Real IDiocy in Florida

If there's one state that's been enthusiastic all along about complying with Bush's fascist Real ID program, it's not Kentucky. Unusual for the Bluegrass State lately, Kentucky has stood strong against this tyranny, as I discovered last week.

The state that's done the most to march in lockstep with this scuzzo unfunded mandate is Florida - which fell into compliance on January 1.

And now, countless Florida residents have found that they can't renew their driver's licenses all because their state bows at the Real ID throne. That's because Real ID requires 4 forms of identification - which is more than what many folks have.

I checked the new rules, and I wouldn't have even been able to renew my state-issued ID if Kentucky was a Real ID state like Florida.

Even some Floridians who have been able to renew their ID's have had to miss work to make numerous trips to the motor vehicle bureau just to get all their Real ID paperwork together.

Who was the fucking asshole who decided to make Florida a Real ID state? Almost the entire state is surrounded by international waters, so if whoever this person is hates the Constitution so much, why couldn't they just anchor a ship in the ocean and start their own country?

America has too much tolerance for quislings who hold our constitutional liberties in contempt.


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