Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bush veto overriden! Ha ha!

I can't believe it's taken 7 years for this to happen! I remember Bush's daddy's veto of the cable regulation law being overridden by Congress, and how funny that was - but it shouldn't take 7 years for the younger Bush to have a veto overridden.

The Water Resources Development Act is a new law that authorizes projects like flood control, beach restoration, sewage plants, and clean water. These vital projects almost never came to be, due to Bush's veto. But Congress voted to override that veto and save the day for America's waterways and river communities. (Naturally, Bush's followers tried blaming the bill's supporters for Hurricane Katrina.)

I guess the current Congress can point to overriding this veto as its biggest accomplishment. Something tells me they're not going to accomplish much else over the next year, because they've done so little in the past year.


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