Thursday, November 15, 2007

Government continues Cuba broadcasts despite being ruled illegal

Since shortly after Reagan seized power, the U.S. government has bombarded Cuba with radio and TV propaganda broadcasts. These pirate stations are known as Radio Marti and TV Marti. The radio service was begun by Reagan at the urging of terrorist mastermind Jorge Mas Canosa; the TV service followed suit under Mad Dog Bush. These costly broadcasts always survived congressional criticism after intense political pressure and lobbying.

These transmissions actually interfere with radio and TV stations within Cuba. And they are pirate stations, for they have no FCC license and transmit from the U.S. Their transmitters are in Florida, North Carolina, and California. Florida has passed its own draconian state laws against pirate radio (despite radio being otherwise governed by the FCC). More naive observers would expect Florida to evict the government's unlicensed stations - but with hate-spewing cave-dwellers like Bill McCollum being in charge of things, the law is selectively enforced, so the stations stay. Gee, what a surprise.

Apologists for Radio and TV Marti claim Cuba also bombards the U.S. with its own powerful AM stations. It does??? Then how come all I can pick up is Rush Limbaugh, endless repetitions of the Channel 12 news sounder, ads for Warren County businesses, and static? From what I've been told, I'd rather hear the average Cuban station than the garbage that gets aired on U.S. stations. At least Cuban stations don't devote as much time to opinionated diatribes - even under Cuba's official media policies. (The 1996 telcom law in the U.S. pretty much established an official U.S. media.)

Not only do Radio and TV Marti violate FCC regulations. They're also illegal under international law. Yesterday, delegates at the World Radiocommunication Conference huffed out a nice big Allowed Cloud against the U.S. government's stations. The conference ruled that broadcasts from aircrafts aimed exclusively towards another country without that country's consent are against international radio rules.

What's the Bush regime's response to this ruling? U.S. officials promptly declared that the pirate broadcasts to Cuba will continue. Nice.

So expect to have even more of your tax dollars wasted on this shit - even after an international body declared it illegal.



  1. No foreign or multinational organization has authority over the United States.

  2. Oh yeah????????

  3. We especially won't answer to some radio club.

  4. Since you won't answer to "some radio club" (actually an international regulatory body), the states of CA, FL, and NC shouldn't have to answer to the federal gov't and should be able to just evict Radio Marti from their respective states.

    Sound fair ScheffBoyarDee?