Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Mark Souder fascism

Mr. "I-Stormed-Out-Of-A-Cafeteria-Because-My-Sandwich-Was-Grilled-Not-Toasted" is at it yet again!

Rep. Mark Souder, the wingnut kook from Indiana, is anointing himself Congress's leading advocate of mandatory biometric ID cards. However, he admits the political climate hasn't deteriorated far enough for it to pass...yet.

Souder is the top Republican on the Homeland Security Border, Maritime, and Global Counterterrorism Subcommittee and represents a district that features a company that produces many states' driver's licenses - including some that already have biometric features.

These features violate the Constitution's protection of the right to privacy and aren't even reliable anyway. But that doesn't deter Souder, who never did think very much of the Constitution. He wants to draft a bill to bribe states to use biometrics in driver's licenses and beer ID's when they implement the rogue Real ID Act of 2005. Then again, I'm pretty sure there's several brave states that have already decided they're going to refuse to implement the Real ID Act.

As for the states that not only comply with the Real ID Act but also require citizens to submit to biometrics, these states can go gag on piss. I will never submit.

It's a shame America is at the mercy of some whack-a-doo like Mark Souder who should never have been "elected" in the first place.


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