Monday, November 26, 2007

Killer freed by Romney-appointed judge charged with murder again

This is yet another story of Republican criminal coddling - much like Mike Huckabee's support of releasing convicted rapist Wayne Dumond, who later went on to commit a murder.

A judge appointed by Republican presidential hopeless Mitt "The Shit" Romney when he was Massachusetts governor freed a convicted murderer named Daniel Tavares Jr. After being turned loose by the GOP judge, Tavares now stands accused of murdering a young newlywed couple in Graham, Washington.

Tavares had been serving time for brutally hacking his own mother to death with a carving knife. He finished that sentence but was arrested at the end of his prison term for assaulting the guards during his time there. While awaiting trial, Superior Court Judge Kathe Tuttman - a Romney appointee - released the killer on his own recognizance. Tavares then fled to Washington state.

The father of the woman who was killed in Washington said, "It's because of stupidity in Massachusetts that my daughter is dead." He said Romney "should be answering for what happened" because he appointed the judge. Tavares's release is even more shocking because it turns out that he also wrote a series of incoherent, threatening letters to his own father from behind bars. Not only that, but Tavares also served less time than what he was sentenced to for the first murder despite being a disruptive prisoner who joined a white supremacist gang.

What was this again about "truth in sentencing"? Massachusetts had a Republican governor for 16 years straight, so talk-shit radio and the wingnutosphere can't blame "the liberals" for this. That doesn't mean they haven't tried shifting blame - only to fall on their face again. Some idiot at Freak Rethuglic claimed the Boston Herald was engaging in a "hit piece" against Romney by daring to report the latest on Tavares. Another said (in all capitals), "WHEN IS THE PUBLIC GOING TO START HOLDING DEMOCRATS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ATTROCITIES [sic] COMMITTED BY CRIMINALS RELEASED EARLY BY THEIR JUDICIAL APPOINTEES?" Uh, Mitt Wrongney is a Republican, you moron.

Ironically, Romney has campaigned for President at Guantanamo Bay where he boasted of how tough on crime he was. At the same time, Romney rejected recommendations of a Department of Correction advisory committee that would have reduced crime committed by released convicts.

Never believe a conservative when they claim they're tough on violent crime.


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