Monday, November 26, 2007

Weather disasters soar

Will the clods who still claim politics has no effect on weather kindly pipe down now?

I've noticed for 20 years the weather has been getting more extreme. This observation is confirmed by a new Oxfam report that says weather-related disasters have quadrupled in this time frame.

In the early '80s there were 120 disasters a year but now there's as many as 500. Just this year there's been floods in South Asia, Africa, Mexico, and in my region of the U.S.; there's been droughts in the Deep South. The study says these extremes and the general trend towards more unpredictable, intense weather is climate change caused by global warming.

Is the wingnutosphere still going to insist climate change is a hoax, now that the truth has splatted them between the eyes like a big cream pie? (Yes.)



  1. Remain calm. Do not panic. It's not the end of the world that kooks like Al Gore want you believe. There probably isn't anything we could do about it anyway. Nature is much more powerful than mankind.

  2. If nature is more powerful than mankind, at least ScheffBoyarDee will be Darwined out of existence.