Wednesday, November 7, 2007

GOP operative caught stealing signs

Yesterday morning - Election Day to you and me - a Long Island man was caught with hundreds of Democratic campaign signs he had apparently stolen when he opted to steal yet another.

Police saw Peter Guardino pull into the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in his truck at 4:05 AM with the headlights off. He then got out of the vehicle and yanked a campaign sign out of a grassy area. Cops then saw the truck was crammed with 220 political signs for assorted Democratic candidates.

It turned out that Guardino was an operative for Joseph Belesi, a Republican candidate for Nassau County legislator. Belesi, of course, tried to deny it.

Now Guardino has been charged with possession of stolen property. And needless to say, Belesi lost.

Is this guy who tore down the campaign signs an idiot or something? At least he didn't tear down his own campaign's signs and blame it on opponents, like Jim Talent's thugs did.


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