Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Deputy shoots dog for no apparent reason

This is the second sad story like this in as many days, and it just goes to show what kind of sick people are out there.

In Teton County, Idaho, a sheriff's deputy knocked on a family's door a few days ago and demanded to see their dog. The deputy announced his intent to kill the dog, claiming he had bitten somebody. When the man who answered the door demanded proof that his dog had bitten someone, the deputy boasted, "I don't need any proof."

Even if the dog had bitten someone, the victim of the bite may have deserved it. Even if they didn't, it's still no reason to kill the dog. In the America of 30 years ago, if a dog bit someone, you'd have a lot of concerned citizens coming to the dog's defense against those who would have the animal put down. (These days, there's too many sickos who enjoy seeing dogs die.)

The deputy then got a rifle from his car, made the man tie the dog to a pole in the front yard, and fired 3 shots into the dog's head. The officer then sped away, leaving the animal bleeding.

The man's father-in-law witnessed the shooting and had to be taken to the hospital for a nervous breakdown. Amazingly, the family returned home to discover the dog had survived the gunshots.

The sheriff claimed there were numerous complaints about the dog. But this turned out to be bullshit. There was one complaint way back last year, but it was dismissed. Apparently the family didn't even know that this complaint was ever filed.

The deputy, meanwhile, is reportedly still on duty to terrorize other families' pets.


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