Sunday, November 4, 2007

Thompson money man a drug dealer

If you listen to conservatives' maniacal outbursts long enough, one thing you'll learn is that every person in the world is a stoner or a drug dealer except them. Ask 'em sometime! Conservatives are the world's goody-goods, and they waste no time in boasting of this.

But wait! What's this?

Now it turns out that GOP presidential hopeless Fred Thompson has chosen a campaign co-chair who has a criminal record of drug sales. The man, Philip Martin, has been picked by Thompson to help him raise campaign cash and serve as a top adviser. But Martin once pleaded guilty to selling 11 pounds of marijuana - and after being placed on probation, he later pleaded no contest to charges of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy in a bungled plot to sell $30,000 worth of cocaine.

Martin, who now lives in Alabama, has been a Republican big shot in Tennessee for years, campaigning for gubernatorial and congressional candidates since at least the spittle wave of 1994. Between 1992 and 2002, Martin donated over $75,000 to GOP election campaigns.

Also, a prominent Chattanooga resident (a member of the family that started Little Debbie snacks) has sued Martin and a business partner, claiming that they each borrowed $8,000,000 from him and refused to repay it.

Imagine if you can what the reaction from the media would be if it turned out that a Democratic money man had sold 11 pounds of marijuana and tried to sell $30,000 worth of cocaine. That would be the end of that campaign, that's for sure. But Fred Thompson, you see, is a Republican - so his advisers don't have to follow the same tough rules that govern everyone else. What really gets me is that the Republicans are usually the ones who support tossing people in prison for good over an ounce of pot - but Philip Martin is a Republican, so he didn't have to do any time even for the cocaine trafficking charge. If Martin was held to the same draconian laws that his party imposes on everyone else, he'd probably never see the outside of a prison again.

Now that's hypocrisy!


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