Saturday, February 9, 2008

About DeMint's minions

They cracked a roo.

Just joking! Seriously now, the pro-war crowd has never been known for being logical. Not now, and not during the 1991 Gulf War. I remember in '91 when they said war opponents should be the first people sent off to fight. There's no logic in this belief, of course - only indignation. Indignation that someone would dare to have the "wrong" opinion.

Some things never change, and the chickenhawks still have the same views now that they had years ago. They think the war should be fought by others - never themselves. If some city doesn't want its young people recruited to have their heads blown off for Bush's amusement, they try to punish the whole city for it.

And that's what's at work here in the Berkeley controversy. Jim DeMint is sponsoring a bill to cut off (among other things) funds for school lunches in Berkeley all because the city won't support the war. The South Carolina Republican is joined by 5 other right-wing senators as cosponsors. Counting DeMint, I call this group the DeMint Six. They're 6 of the most pro-Big Business senators, and they have long records of conservafoolery.

So who are these fellas? In addition to DeMint, the DeMint Six includes:

• Saxby Chambliss (R-Georgia), Conservative Fool Of The Day 10/6/05. He's a big national sales tax supporter who cut food aid to the poor by a half-billion dollars and then went out and played golf while the working poor were toiling through the day.

• Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma). He's known for attacking 'Schindler's List' for "full-frontal nudity" and for working on crossword puzzles during the John Roberts confirmation hearings.

• John Cornyn (R-Texas), Conservative Fool Of The Day 4/7/05. A racial demagogue who defended the assassination of federal judges who issue rulings he disagrees with.

• Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), Conservative Fool Of The Day 7/24/06. An oil senator (like Cornyn) and climate change skeptic who calls global warming a "hoax." Inhofe claimed 9/11 was punishment from God. He also claimed that the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing would have caused more deaths except federal employees were out sipping coffee instead of showing up for work - a remark that prompted outrage by an employees' union.

• David Vitter (R-Louisiana). Known as Diaper Dave because of his fetish that was revealed during his prostitution scandal. Also, last year he tried to earmark taxpayer money for a religious group that promotes creationism.

Five of the DeMint Six have never served in the military in their lives. Chambliss never served because he got deferments throughout the Vietnam War. But they're telling a city that's nowhere near any of the states they represent that they have to send their kids off to war? Tend to your own states, gentlemen.

These 6 senators are silly little men throwing a king-sized temper tantrum because the city of Berkeley didn't do things their way. This is what the Flat Earthers who support the Iraq War have been reduced to. They're just completely out of gas now.

What an airhead supply.

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