Monday, February 18, 2008

More about the Hitlerage Foundation's rankings

I was examining the Heritage Foundation's latest rankings of the world's freest countries. (They scream it as they see it.) You know, the ranking where these right-wing whackjobs listed Singapore as second-freest while Venezuela is listed as "repressed." I read the entry for the United States, and it shows the type of criteria the Hitlerage Foundation uses for its rankings. At the bottom of the entry, it says the U.S. gets a fairly good ranking because "dismissing a redundant employee is not burdensome."

That's their idea of "freedom." They think being able to fire workers more easily is what makes a country "free."

These are the same kooks who give Singapore - a country that outlawed chewing gum - a score of 93.9% in its "freedom from government" category.

Never trust wingnuts.

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