Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meanwhile, the wingnutosphere claims...

The wingnuts are actually claiming the Arctic ice sheet is thickening!

An editorial on Monday by right-wing extremist Lorne Gunter of the National Post of Canada tried to debunk the science of climate change. But Gunter fell down so hard on his self-assured mug that all you could hear was the entire North American continent (and the rest of the world) guffawing at him.

Yesterday, talk-shit radio and the wingnutosphere dutifully picked up Gunter's piece as "proof" that the Arctic ice sheet is getting thicker - even though scientists have proven that it's melting. Potential assassin Glenn Beck, soak-the-poor chaosmonger Neal Boortz, and washed-up has-been Rush Limbaugh all quoted Gunter's op-ed almost word-for-word.

These losers sure have shitty timing, don't they? Yesterday also happened to be the exact same day the village of Kivalina, Alaska, filed a lawsuit over climate change melting sea ice and destroying their community.

Which do you trust: Do you trust a handful of right-wing commentators who have always parroted corporate propaganda? Or do you trust hundreds of hard-working villagers who have seen sea ice melt firsthand?


  1. The big news here is..Rush Limbaugh is still around??

    His affiliates haven't gone the way of the "Music of your Life" format?

  2. I believe Rush Limbaugh is still the top-rated national talk radio show.