Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Meanwhile, the wingnutosphere claims...

The wingnuts are actually claiming the Arctic ice sheet is thickening!

An editorial on Monday by right-wing extremist Lorne Gunter of the National Post of Canada tried to debunk the science of climate change. But Gunter fell down so hard on his self-assured mug that all you could hear was the entire North American continent (and the rest of the world) guffawing at him.

Yesterday, talk-shit radio and the wingnutosphere dutifully picked up Gunter's piece as "proof" that the Arctic ice sheet is getting thicker - even though scientists have proven that it's melting. Potential assassin Glenn Beck, soak-the-poor chaosmonger Neal Boortz, and washed-up has-been Rush Limbaugh all quoted Gunter's op-ed almost word-for-word.

These losers sure have shitty timing, don't they? Yesterday also happened to be the exact same day the village of Kivalina, Alaska, filed a lawsuit over climate change melting sea ice and destroying their community.

Which do you trust: Do you trust a handful of right-wing commentators who have always parroted corporate propaganda? Or do you trust hundreds of hard-working villagers who have seen sea ice melt firsthand?