Friday, February 29, 2008

Sports league won't accommodate players' religion

Tell me if this isn't a double standard: The Colorado High School Activities Association won't allow games to be played on Sundays, because they want to accommodate Christian players. Yet the CHSAA is forcing a Jewish school to play on a Saturday, even though this violates the school's religious beliefs.

Is the CHSAA being fair? Certainly not.

The boys' basketball team at the Jewish school may be in a regional championship game that's coming up on a Saturday in March. The school requested a schedule change to avoid playing on a Saturday. But the CHSAA rejected this request and threatened to replace the team with another school's team if they refused to play on a Saturday.

Hey CHSAA, if you're going to make the school play on a Saturday, then why not rescind the rule against Sunday games? Try to be fair here. Don't be like Free Republic, which is intolerant of any views other than its own.

Several state legislators have pleaded with CHSAA to change its mind. Last I heard, however, the double standard has not been rectified.


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