Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ashcroft jeered for ridiculing Obama's name

I knew we'd still have to keep hearing about Bush's former Attorney General John Ashcroft, for he's the type who never shuts up.

This is the revolting Nazi who helped toss together the Patriot Act. (So much for separation of powers!) He was also known for covering up statues with curtains and generally making a laughingstock of himself.

Which he continues to do.

During a speech to college students yesterday, Ashcroft was talking about the Idiot Act and sniffed, "The elected representatives of this country, including Osama, uh, you know, nah, Obama..."

Moans and jeers immediately erupted from the audience.

Ashcroft's "slip-up" was deliberate. Anyone who saw a clip of the speech could see that.

An asinine smirk started to form on Ashcroft's ugly mug, but then you could tell he finally realized - albeit too late - that he had crossed a line. The jeers caught him off guard. He apparently didn't know he was speaking at a relatively liberal campus and not at my former high school (where the Bush crime family's followers would have cheered him and incited a violent riot against anyone who dissented).

Nazi-like digs about Barack Obama's name are what America has to prepare for from the spittle contingent this year. On the other hand, this will help us keep track of how many other sleazebags like John Ashcroft there are in the GOP agitprop machine. Real Americans don't attack Obama's name in the manner that Ashcroft did.


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