Friday, April 11, 2008

McCain campaign adopting Bush's thug tactics

Gonna condemn this, John? Or are you gonna take the Bush route?

McAin't had a rally on April 5 in Prescott, Arizona. (The fix might not be in after all, if he's worried about losing his home state.) An antiwar demonstrator showed up carrying signs. Local police said this was allowed (unlike the situation in northern Kentucky a few years back where cops violated the First Amendment). The protester carried on a friendly chitchat with some military personnel who were in the audience, and things were going smoothly.

But then McCain's security forces asked the dissenter to leave - which contradicted the police's stance. They said disagreeing with McCain was "disrespectful." Aaaaawww!

Later, a right-wing thug in the audience tore one of the signs out of the protester's hands. Others issued verbal threats.

I know the Movementarians have got to be pretty upset that Katherine Harris isn't the GOP nominee, but why the fuck would McCain want these losers on his side? Maybe when Mini-Me talked about the war lasting another 100 years, he meant Bush's war against freedom of speech and thought.

Is John McCain going to condemn this assault, or is he going to let the world know he's playing kissy-kissy with the Bush cult?


1 comment:

  1. tough guys like McSame need any help from a bunch of violent criminals??

    Sounds like a drag on the campaign to me.