Sunday, April 27, 2008

Waitress fired for supporting Clinton

That Hillary Clinton must really be a dangerous radical if a restaurant thinks her supporters pose such a threat! (That's sarcasm, everyone.)

In Little Rock, Arkansas, a waitress who worked for years at an airport restaurant has been fired because she supports Clinton's presidential bid - as opposed to that of John McCain. When McAin't's campaign jet was arriving in Little Rock, the waitress used her break from work to go to the airstrip carrying a Clinton poster.

The waitress wasn't on work time or at a work-sponsored activity. She was on her own time, as it was her break.

I admit Hillary is too much on the conservative side for me - as is Obama, quite frankly - but the firing is illegal. It's against federal law to fire someone for supporting a candidate or cause. Period. End of discussion. And notice it ain't Republican supporters who are being fired.

It turns out the restaurant issued the firing after a phone call from Republican campaign operatives who demanded that they take action.

The problem of politically motivated firings isn't new. The same happened in 2004 to people who had Kerry stickers on their cars. And if you want to talk about political firings, here's 2 words you can write a whole book on: Ernie Fletcher. (I'm talking about the now-defeated Republican governor of Kentucky who had state government employees fired over politics.) And I'm sure it's also not new for GOP goons to call a business and demand that they fire someone for their political views.

If there isn't a lawsuit over this, I'll be absolutely astounded.


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