Sunday, April 6, 2008

Clear Channel DJ makes racist comments

WDCG-FM (G-105) in Raleigh, North Carolina, used to be a respected station. But now it's owned by the right-wing Clear Channel syndicate, and the station has apparently become just as idiotic as you'd expect from that firm.

A few days ago, WDCG morning host Bob Dumas made racist comments about Native Americans over the air. He said Native Americans are "lazy" and "inbred."

The North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs wants the station to fire Bob Dumbass and the producers of his show because of the inflammatory remarks, and they've asked the FCC to investigate Crap Channel. WDCG offered a public apology, but the station only sounded sorry because it got caught.

I can appreciate shock radio, but Dumas's remark was over the line. And who the hell even thinks these remarks are funny or clever? They're not. They're just stupid and bigoted. Dumas didn't even put any thought into it. If radio personalities can get suspended for jokes about politicians that don't even go out over the air and don't even cause much controversy anyway, why shouldn't Bob Dumbass at least be suspended too?

Dumas has a history of incendiary statements. A few years ago, he was one of the clods who urged motorists to run down bicyclists with their cars. At the time, several other so-called personalities on Clear Channel stations in other cities said the exact same thing. In 2004, Dumas made racist comments about an 'American Idol' winner.

Clear Channel calls this a constructive use of the airwaves? The airwaves are public property, and that's why the FCC has exercised some oversight over who gets a broadcasting license and what goes out over the air. Even before this incident, I felt the FCC should effectively break up Clear Channel by awarding its licenses to independent owners.


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