Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mismanagement guts student loans

Are one-party dictatorships really more efficient than multiparty democracies? This story should lay that notion to rest. Kentucky has just emerged from 4 years of one-party Republican rule in which government employees at every level were fired if they didn't support the ruling regime. (Of course some Kentucky counties were like that even before.) And now the state's college loan program is in such shambles that it can't even secure money for new loans.

The Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation was created by state legislators in 1978 to oversee college loans. But all of a sudden, it's unable to secure money for loans, forcing it to stop making loans to new borrowers effective May 1.

People keep lapsing into Free Republic mode by blaming totally unrelated factors, but that won't wash. This is mismanagement. I think people who have poor management skills are drawn to one-party systems because that's the only avenue that lets them get ahead. You can see how that can easily gut what was once an effective program.

Because of this partisan ineptitude, thousands of Kentucky students probably won't be able to get college loans now. This comes at a time when Kentucky's institutions of higher book-burning plan to raise tuition yet again - which is likely another sign of Republican mismanagement. It's a bit like that rich school district in Texas that complained because it had fewer amenities than poorer districts. They just don't know how to get more of a bang for their buck, so to speak.

So try multiparty democracy for a change. You'll like it.


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