Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Conservative Fool Of The Day is...Derek Walker!

Derek Walker is a "traditional values" conservative running for Congress in Pennsylvania. He and his '70s game show host hairdo have strong backing from the region's Republican intelligentsia.

But now Walker is charged with felony burglary, criminal trespassing, stalking, criminal invasion of privacy, and disorderly conduct in an incident that happened last August. Authorities say Walker came to his former girlfriend's apartment and videotaped her. Walker allegedly said, "This video is going to put an end to your job with the school district."

Of course, Walker claims the charges are politically motivated. He claims big, mean libs are trying to sabotage his candidacy. But he's not quitting his campaign. These charges probably help him in the Republican primary, because psychopaths tend to gravitate towards the GOP.

Derek Walker's alleged lawbreaking and his paranoid accusations of political motivations are just another example of the demise of the adult in today's America.


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