Friday, April 25, 2008

The Conservative Fool Of The Day is...Tony Zirkle!

Tony Zirkle is a Republican candidate for Congress in Indiana and a big conservative.

Zirkle used to work for South Bend area prosecutor Chris Toth, a Republican who later lost reelection. Zirkle helped Toth prosecute adult bookstores, and Zirkle has also championed the ineffective Rockefeller drug law against ephedrine-containing cold medicine. In short, he's a fascist, authoritarian asshole.

In his current congressional bid, Tony Zirkle has made a complete and total spectacle of himself. Last month, he advocated segregating races into different states. This week he's been the target of more controversy after he went to Chicago to address a gathering of the American National Socialist Workers Party.

The ANSWP is not socialist or pro-worker at all. In fact, it's a neo-Nazi group. The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate Hitler's birthday.

Zirkle has come up with several flimsy excuses for his association with these dumb losers. For starts, he says he didn't know what the ANSWP stood for. Oh yeah? Here's Tony Zirkle speaking before the group:

He didn't know what the group stood for even though it had a Nazi swastika and a portrait of Hitler right there staring him in the face?

Another Zirkle excuse is that he was just trying to rally the group against pornography. He claims the smut business is run by Jews inspired by the "porn dragon", and he drove home his point by shredding a Penthouse magazine from 1969.

Maybe this scandal will finally make the wheels come off the conservative wagon. Modern conservatism has had unsavory associations for years, and many of you have probably witnessed it firsthand. The crusading anti-porn and War on Drugs zealots tend to be the same people who hold violently bigoted views, and this story proves it even more. Much of this right-wing extremism was ultimately motivated by conservatives' own greed, which is a breeding ground for irrational fears.



  1. Wait, you mean some broke white trash with no job and a love of porn and drug abuse is not an "asshole" or a "loser", but an attorney who has principles and sticks to them is?

    Explain again how this is not the poison of modernity and why society would be harmed if you were to receive a bullet in the back of your head that completely removed your face and made your death anonymous and alone?