Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Students suspended for attending Obama event

Are the totalitarian control freaks who run America's schools still going to claim they're not policing thoughts?

At Scranton High School in Scranton, Pennsylvania, 2 students have been suspended because they attended a meeting with Barack Obama when he came to town. They were punished for this thoughtcrime despite the fact that Obama personally signed the permission slips allowing them to miss gym class!

So some school system's idiotic policy (that they make up as they go along) takes precedence over the word of a U.S. senator now? This is like when college police officers tasered a young man despite John Kerry telling them to lay off.

Sounds like the school system's just mad because the next President isn't going to be Duncan Hunter like they wanted. You know they never would have been punished if they had attended a Republican rally instead, so even if the school does have some sort of policy that imposes suspensions without even giving students the chance to tell their side first, it's being selectively enforced.

In addition to the suspension, one of the students was ordered to resign as senior class president. Now there's a lawsuit. Of course, the school says he resigned voluntarily. I don't believe the school, because my experience has been that schools aren't exactly great contenders in truth-telling contests.

If we elect a Green instead of either McCain or Obama, that's the most likely way we'll get a President who actively opposes schools' tyranny. The bureaucrats who run the American education system (such as it is) need to lighten up. If a high school student misses an hour of school for a legitimate reason, like a meeting with a presidential candidate, I don't see what business a school has judging the student for it - especially when this rule is so inconsistently enforced.


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