Monday, April 14, 2008

The Conservative Fool Of The Day is...Dean Singleton!

One right-wing meme that's gotten real old real quick is conservatives' constantly pointing out that 'Obama' rhymes with 'Osama'. OK, conservos, we get it now. It's not funny, alright? John Ashcroft pulled this crap recently when he intentionally confused Obama with Osama during a speech to college students, and nobody's laughing - except at Ashcroft for being such an idiot.

William Dean "Stinky" Singleton is the chairman of the board of the Associated Press (increasingly a right-wing organ). He also founded and serves as CEO of the union-busting MediaNews Group, a major newspaper publisher. As part of his MediaNews duties, Stinky likes to close down successful newspapers after buying them. Not surprisingly, he's also a Republican donor. He also worked to gut FCC rules against TV/newspaper cross-ownership.

The lean, mean newspaper-killin' machine has now made perhaps a bigger ass of himself than ever before! Today, Singleton was at the annual Assholciated Press luncheon, where Barack Obama took questions after addressing journalists. Singleton got to ask the final question. In this query, Stinky referred to Osama bin Laden as..."Obama bin Laden."

You read that right. He made light of Obama's name right to his face. And he did it on purpose.

Obama corrected Stinky. "That's Osama bin Laden," the Democratic presidential frontrunner said. The candidate went on to say, "This is part of what I have been going through for the past months, which is why it is impressive that I am still standing here."

And the AP made Dean Singleton its chairman???

Now can we move on from this shit and talk more about ending the failed War on Drugs that's nearly turned the country into the world's biggest prison? I think the public is owed more coverage of the issues and less of the type of petty bullshit made up by Ashcroft, Singleton, and their ilk.


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