Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Frankenfoods lie exposed

Does Monsanto ever have egg on its face!

The oft-criticized biotech firm has aggressively championed genetic engineering of foods. (The company that makes NutraSweet, which is poisonous, is also under Monsanto's umbrella now. Another Monsanto subsidiary has exploited child labor to handle toxic chemicals.) Frankenfood advocates such as Monsanto like to claim that genetic engineering will solve world hunger by increasing food yields.

But now someone has studied the matter, and Monsanto's claims have been proven to be bullshit. A new study says genetically modified soybeans (a crop central to the food supply of a vast majority of humans) actually produces 10% less food than its unmodified counterpart. This definitive study (though largely ignored by the American media) was carried out at the University of Kansas. It confirms earlier findings by University of Nebraska researchers.

It's not just soybeans. Genetically modified cotton produces smaller yields too.

Does Monsanto still think they're smarter than nature?

Monsanto also influenced Bush's "economic restructuring" of Iraq that forces Iraqi farmers to buy seeds from American corporations. This new policy makes it illegal for farmers to save seeds, as most were doing.

The corporate empire is out of control.

(Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/green-living/exposed-the-great-gm-crops-myth-812179.html)

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