Saturday, April 12, 2008

Native American officials oppose genocidal resolution

The democratically elected government of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has shown that it cares more about folks in the U.S. than the Bush regime does. For 3 years, the Chavez administration has given free heating oil to some of the poorest places in the U.S. - while Bush hasn't done shit.

But this fuels the wrath of fascist U.S. politicians, who sponsor terrorists who attempt to overthrow Chavez, and who actively try to deny Venezuelan heating oil to poor communities. For as long as the heating oil program has gone on, right-wing members of Congress have been at it. In 2005, Rep. Connie Mack IV (R-Florida) introduced a measure to increase U.S. government funding of anti-Chavez terrorists. In 2006, Rep. Dan Burton (R-Indiana) wanted to condemn the Chavez administration for allegedly not caving to the failed War on Drugs (even though Chavez has been more effective at fighting drug gangs than Bush, who wastes government resources busting anyone who buys too much Sudafed). Last year, congressmorons wanted to condemn Venezuela for allegedly not allowing freedom of expression. (Ask Sherman Austin, Indymedia, or that labor union in northern Kentucky how much free speech the U.S. has.)

Now Connie Mack IV has teamed up with Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida) on H. Res. 1049. This measure would ask the State Department to declare Venezuela as a terrorist sponsor and impose strict sanctions on the country and on U.S. firms that do business there. Ros-Lehtinen calling Chavez a terrorist is ironic because it was Ros-Lehtinen who got ConservaFooled for supporting the assassination of another country's leader - then lying about it, even though she was caught on tape. Ros-Lehtinen also supported pardoning Orlando Bosch, a terrorist who masterminded the bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner, killing dozens of adults and children. As a result of this, Bosch roams free in the U.S. now. H. Res. 1049 has 8 other right-wing cosponsors.

But officials for the Penobscot Indian Nation, which is based in Maine and vicinity, are leading the efforts against Mack's evil resolution. Former chief James Sappier and Human Services Department head Erlene Paul say the measure threatens the heating oil program. While Washington has turned its back, the program has provided heat for the Penobscot Nation. Not only does the resolution put the oil program in danger, but it also hurts relations between Venezuelans and the Penobscot people. It hurts the whole country because 14 to 16% of the United States' oil imports are from Venezuela. Just think what the resolution will do to gasoline prices.

Sappier asked, "Why would Congress do this? The program has provided a donation to the U.S. low-income and poor people of almost a billion dollars over the years when domestic oil companies did nothing." Why would Congress do this? Because Congress always tries to hurt poor people. The Venezuelan oil program began after U.S. oil corporations refused to help with the high costs of heating fuel.

Mack, Ros-Lehtinen, and their cosponsors are nothing but crybabies, liars, and control freaks who are mad because Hugo Chavez made Big Oil and the Bush regime look like the uncaring fools they are. It speaks volumes about Mack, Ros-Lehtinen, and their crew that they're willing to hurt poor people all over the U.S. for their perverted political goals. The resolution is actually a form of genocide.


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  1. One thing you forgot to mention (purely by oversight I'm sure) is that as a member of OPEC, Venezuela is one of the oil exporters who has pushed prices high.