Saturday, April 26, 2008

I defy!

I'm in a defiant mood! It sure feels great!

As it's become obvious the exurbs are devouring my state, I will refuse and resist! I'm thinking of several things I can do to truly signal that the buck stops with the Great Royal Tim. These are all challenges against known Allowed Clouds, but by golly, I have to do something. Possible actions include:

1) Riding the Peace Bike on the shoulder of an Interstate.

2) Walking barefoot on the Purple People Bridge.

3) Bringing a dog to Fountain Square. (I know that's in Ohio, but the point still stands.)

I'm strongly tempted to try to do these things. The second one is a damn good candidate! If I get ticketed for any of them, I'm just not going to pay the ticket. I'm past civil disobedience, and I've moved towards deafening defiance. These are principled actions. I wouldn't be planning on doing these things if I didn't think it would force the system's hand.

This spirit feels incredible! As the Pearl Drops commersh said: Nnnnn! It's a great feeling! The most recent time I felt it was a couple weeks ago when I biked atop the Dayton, Kentucky, floodwall - even though there's a barely legible, hard-to-find sign prohibiting it.

So help me, folks. Give me some more ideas of things like this I can do to challenge conservative elitism!

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