Sunday, April 27, 2008

DHS launches war on boaters

Bush's Department of Homeland Suckyurity is at it yet again.

The DHS wants to run roughshod over states' rights by requiring a federal boating license much like the totalitarian Real ID that they stuffed down the throats of the American public. The DHS - claiming this new policy will fight terrorism - wants to force the states to follow national minimum standards and require boaters to carry DHS certification. Of course they don't call it a national license, because they realized they couldn't sell the idea to boaters. But it's as much of a national license as Real ID is a national ID card.

Lovely. Now if a new totalitarian control freak takes the reins in the White House, they'll have a database at their fingertips for a class of people who can't own boats - much like the no-fly list (which the ruling party already considers its Bible).

One thing is for damn sure: This won't prevent terrorism. Not one smidgen of it. This is like how the Nazis claim school uniforms will prevent shootings - even though one of the most notorious school shootings of the decade occurred at a school that required uniforms. (It's the recent one in Oxnard, California, that the media has mostly swept under the rug.)

DHS officials are also demanding states report "suspicious" boating activity.

You know what the states need to do? They need to tell the DHS to fuck off - in those words. If the Department of Homeland Suckyurity gets its way, innocent people will be the only ones targeted - as is always the case. I've hardly ever been on a boat, but if I was hauled in for photographing a bridge while boating (which the DHS defines as "suspicious"), I ain't going to be too happy.


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