Friday, April 18, 2008

Jacket self-destructs

I'm mad!

This story is yet another that shows the decline in the quality of everything, even as prices soar.

I've been trying to clean my apartment for over a year, but this effort is always stymied because everything gets out of place again in the search for items that are lost in the process of being moved. Every time I need to look for something, the whole cleaning has to start over.

Last night, I started trying to find a hooded sweat jacket that looked somewhat presentable. I remembered I had a dark blue one I got about a year ago, which I wore a few times but then placed in the closet. I don't think I've needed a sweat jacket in a year, because it's been either horribly hot or cold enough for a winter coat.

Now that the weather is finally suitable to place the sweat jacket back in circulation, I figured I'd retrieve this coat from the closet. Laying atop some cardboard boxes full of old documents was my blue jacket! I happily grabbed it, only to have it nearly crumble right in my hands.

The outside of the jacket looks almost spotless - until you hold it to the light and find that the entire inner lining has deteriorated. This photo that shows it hanging on the message board on the refrigerator doesn't do justice to the damage:


Needless to say, this coat is ru.

With the inner lining gone, most of the jacket is now nearly transparent if there's a light behind it.

Who's ever heard of the lining of a brand new sweat jacket just completely rotting? It looks worse than Superman's cape in the movie where he got splattered with acid. Most of the lining is simply gone. The jacket bears no weird odors, and the clothes, papers, and other items that were near it in the closet have no damage (unless they were pre-ru). So it's obvious the lining didn't rot because of anything I did.

Pieces of the lining continue to fall off.

I'm shocked any clothing manufacturer can put out such a shitty product. To quote Kermit the Frog: I do not believe it. I'm astonished people these days are willing to pay more for items that digest themselves for no apparent reason.

This is one coat that's going back to the store for a refund.

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