Thursday, March 11, 2010

Abusers go unpunished...again

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has just concluded a 15-month probe into the abuse that defined the Florida School for Boys. However, no charges are being filed against former guards who physically and sexually abused boys who were detained there.

Of course no charges are being filed. Adults who abuse kids in confinement facilities are almost never held responsible for anything. It's as if they have special license to abuse - and even kill.

Last year, the FDLE also claimed to have found no foul play in the deaths of boys who were beaten to death and buried in a cemetery on the facility's grounds. These boys were tortured and killed by guards, yet the FDLE is saying no crime was committed?

Isn't the FDLE the same agency that absurdly claimed to find no wrongdoing by officers in the "Don't tase me, bro" incident?


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