Thursday, March 4, 2010

Government-run health care? It's already here!

Many folks remain skeptical of health care reform for one reason only: They don't want a "government-run" system.

Even as proof abounds that the current system is broken, something seems suspect about it being "government-run." I don't know why, considering that people are willing to delegate other services - such as police, fire, and roads - to the government. In fact, most countries already have a government health care system, and almost nobody doubts that it works better than America's present system.

But I've got news for you: America already has government-run health care. For instance...

The Patriot Act and numerous state laws decree that you can no longer buy more than a few grams of Sudafed a month.

Most states dictate that you can't use medical marijuana, and the DEA still raids and abuses patients even in the few states that permit this herb.

Most states have made it much harder to file a legitimate medical malpractice suit. Some have made it so your lawsuit has to be cleared by an official committee before going forward.

How are the above 3 paragraphs not examples of government-run health care that are already in force? In these 3 cases, the government isn't providing a service, but is actually dictating to patients (and in some cases, doctors) what they can or can't do.

How can one support these 3 government fiats while not supporting health care reform?

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