Friday, March 5, 2010

Eek! The Venus de Milo!

What's the most important issue to you? Health care? Minimum wage? Education? The environment?

In Rahway, New Jersey, it's none of these things.

The big complaint in Rahway is a snow sculpture of the Venus de Milo that a family made in their front yard.

Local police ordered the sculpture to be covered up because some neighbors complained.

These neighbors must be the luckiest people alive if they have nothing more serious to worry about. Countless people in America and worldwide are worried about where their next meal is coming from, yet there's people complaining about a Venus de Milo snow sculpture? If you want to talk about whiners with a sense of entitlement, the Rahway complainants rank right up there with the bank CEO's who use bailout money to give themselves huge bonuses.

The original Venus de Milo was completed by the year 100 B.C., yet these prudes can't handle a sculpture that people tolerated over 2,000 years ago?


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