Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another idiot with a sense of entitlement

I took the Peace Bike out for a spin in Cincinnati today, and I encountered yet another privileged crybaby with a sense of entitlement.

I was bicycling on the east-west stretch of Central Parkway, and I ended up right behind a shiny new SUV at a traffic light. This was no ordinary hulker. This was a Lexus SUV. Ooh, a luxury brand!

When we were stopped at the light, I was trying to think just how incredibly wealthy the driver of the SUV must be to afford a Lexus and all the gas it must take to operate such a big vehicle.

Then a strange thing happened. The woman driving the luxury SUV in front of me turned around and began flailing her arms at me. She expected me to move out of the way because she was trying to back into a parking space along the street!

If anyone needed to move, it was her, because the light had turned green. But nooooo! She kept waving her hands like a maniac.

Bikes are supposed to travel in the roadway, so I was doing nothing wrong. And why did she think that parking space was reserved for her? I guess it's because she's special and privileged and all, to be able to afford a Lexus SUV.

She had Kentucky plates, but I'm assuming she was NOT from Covington or Newport. I bet she was a monied exurbanite mooching off our central cities.

I was chased out of Villa Hills once for being too poor, but imagine if you can what the reaction would be if the Lexus driver was chased out of central Cincinnati for being too rich.

After today's display by the Lexus SUV motorist, I would have intentionally obstructed the parking space she thought was hers (she's dealing with the 2010 Tim, after all), except it was obvious she was trying to waste my valuable time. So why give an entitlement monarch what she wants?

What a big baby.


  1. Wild Bill (Bandit's next-door neighbor 1997-2002)March 17, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    Man! Villa Hills chased out Bandit! That's incredible! I bet it wasn't because he was poor though. It was because he was stirring up an insurrection!

  2. I can just picture a mob of bankers, doctors and lawyers armed with torches, pitchforks and bottles of hot sauce chasing the Bandit out of Villa Hills!

  3. If you would get a job, you could afford a Lexus too. People work hard for such things.

  4. So where's your book, anonymous?