Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stuffy Duffy

The Online Lunchpail is part of American society - not a resident of a giant bubble that shelters it from the rest of the country.

Accordingly, we must call out other cities' mayors who disregard economic needs and the Constitution. And we actually have to be slightly tougher on Democrats, because the Republicans are already so far gone that people have stopped caring what they think. Besides, we have to keep the Democrats from becoming the rotting, stinking corpse that the GOP already is (though it may already be too late).

I've already joined the Facebook group to launch a recall petition against Tulsa's idiot Republican mayor, so now I'm turning my attention to Rochester, New York - ruled by DLC mayor Robert Duffy.

One of Duffy's first major mistakes may have been to shut down the city-owned ferry to Toronto. He then sold the ferry to a German company, instead of to a firm based in any country where the ferry actually runs.

Now, if the ferry was to Germany, I'd expect German companies to have some interest in it. But since it was owned by a U.S. city, and half of its route was on U.S. waters, why couldn't an American firm own at least half of it? America was approaching the height of its worst recession in 75 years, yet the Duffy administration was letting other countries get richer off the city's ferry?

Now Duffy wants to take over the city's school system - thus removing power from a school board elected by voters. Obviously, he doesn't even trust the voting public. He wants to do this so he can implement mandatory student uniforms (which are unconstitutional) and eventually turn the school system over to a private company.

Privatizing public schools has been proven as a failure in other cities, as firms that took over the school districts have fleeced taxpayers and failed to improve performance. It's also illegal, as it violates students' rights to attend public schools.

I'm calling you out on this, Bob.

It's not like I expect the current Democratic Party to give a shit. This is the party whose leaders are now trying to oust supporters of single payer health care and instead pass a bill that gives a bailout to big insurance companies.

These days, when you see the Democratic label next to a politician's name, you have to assume Republican.

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