Friday, March 5, 2010

Lieberman and McCain don't understand the Constitution

Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and disregard of the Constitution. This entry is in the wrong decade, methinks - or at least mehopes.

The poosome twosome of McCain and Lieberman are now showing the country they have no grasp of constitutional law. They're introducing a bill to allow the government to indefinitely detain suspects without charges or trial.

This bill is clearly flawed, because if the government had a case against such suspects, why doesn't it charge and try them? This bill is also clearly unconstitutional, as it flies in the face of due process.

In fact, suspects who would be affected by this bill aren't really suspects in anything - because if they were, why won't they be charged?

In sum, this bill would let people be locked up indefinitely - even forever - without even being charged. Who wrote this bill anyway? CPH?

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