Friday, March 12, 2010

Kentucky rejects Sudafed prescription bill!

Three things are certain in life: the failed War on Drugs, the War on Drugs expanding, and the War on Drugs expanding more.

But the drug war has now been unexpectedly rebuffed by Kentucky lawmakers, who have reportedly rejected a bill to make pseudoephedrine allergy drugs available by prescription only. This bill flew in the face of federal law that makes these drugs over-the-counter.

Rejecting the bill is one of few major roadblocks in recent memory against the growth of the disastrous right-wing drug war that has cost zillions and accomplished nothing.

In light of this, Louisville's city-county council has dropped a proposed resolution backing this bill. One of the reasons the city and the county were consolidated was to give the suburbs a platform for authoritarian batshittery - but this time it went nowhere.


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